Thai Curry with Rice
Thai Curry with Rice


Curry Preparation

1Essentially, follow the instructions on the can. Variations:

Maesri Masaman Curry Paste

2In step 1, where it says 1½-2 cups of coconut milk, I just pour in about 1/3 of the 525ml can.

3In step 2 where it says 2 cups of coconut milk, I just pour in the remaining 2/3rds of the can.

4I basically cook the mixture until the potatoes are tender and not al dente. By then, everything else is cooked.

Rice Preparation

1No self-respecting curry connoisseur uses minute rice. I use Jasmine rice.

2The Jasmine takes 20-25 minutes to cook in a rice cooker, but if you start it about the time you add the chicken, it should be done by the time the potatoes are tender.

Other optional additions: bamboo shoots (the more you put in, the less onions you may wish to add), carrots, cauliflower, fresh mushrooms (sliced), etc.

I just kind of play it by ear. Once the chicken is in, I just add a mixture of the above ingredients until the mixture looks like it has a decent amount of stuff. Keep in mind that the curry gets a little thicker as it cooks, so don’t overdo it.

*Image attribution: Used under Creative Commons license from:

Masaman Curry


June 4, 2016

Although I use canned curry paste, I included this article to describe how I prepare it.

  • Prep: 45 mins
  • Cook: 45 mins
  • Yields: About 4 servings


1 4oz can Maesri Masaman Curry Paste

525 ml can of Coconut Milk (make sure you get normal coconut milk and not the Coconut Milk for baking. It works, but it’s much greasier)

2 large skinless (more if they are small), boneless chicken breasts, cut into pieces

4-5 baby red potatoes, cut into medium-sized pieces

1/2 large yellow onion (I like Vidalia). I usually put the whole onion in because I like onions.

1-2 cups cups of broccoli cut into pieces

As much fresh basil as you like. I buy the fresh stuff at the Asian grocery.


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