The Amazon Store

I see that Toys ‘R’ Us is filing for bankruptcy (which is sad).

I now understand why Amazon wants to get into brick and mortar. They don’t want to be Walmart. They want to be Walmart 2.0.

The Amazon Store will have one of each television, one of each furniture, a few of every size of clothing, etc. You try it on and it looks good and fits, so you scan the UPC with your mobile device and add it your cart (by the way, they often have the size and color you want because inventory is centralized). You walk out of the store and it One Click™ purchases your cart contents via RFID. You get it in 1-2 days (with subscription, else a flat-rate shipping fee applies).

They will have a Walmart-quality selection of grocery items because you need them now, but they have a plan for that as well (which I haven’t exactly figured out yet, but it is less relevant because a decent portion of your inventory is now in a giant warehouse somewhere).

As a bonus, Walmart excels at not having enough cashiers. This model will improve on that.

Sam Walton wanted to be K-Mart, and then he destroyed them.

I can see this becoming a significant threat to every retailer… There are no Apple or Samsung Stores up here in southern Canada, so I’ll just go to Amazon Store to buy my iPhone or Galaxy. But wait! I am inundated with advertisements that tell me why the Amazon Fire’s walled-garden is less Draconian and superior to God! I’ll take two!

In the end, you won’t have a warehouse as big as Boeing Everett. Can you live with that? #FireMiles

EDIT: It will be the death of other warehouse stores because you don’t have to pay for a membership to be able to see and buy what they sell.

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