WordPress Developer For Hire

I’m currently looking for a WordPress job. I will consider relocating for the right fit, however, it would be convenient if I could work remotely. I currently like in Northeast Wisconsin. I am open to almost any travel percentage. Highlights:

I can make my own templates (this site design was constructed from scratch). I can make my own plugins (my Resume and Portfolio are custom post types with rendering via the plugin, as examples). I personally own over $3000 in commercial WordPress plugins/themes, most of which are unlimited site licenses that allow me to use them on any site that I develop (Advanced Custom Fields Pro Developer, WPMU membership, iThemes Toolkit Network plus Security 50 and BackupBuddy Lifetime memberships, MainWP Lifetime Membership, Block Bad Queries Pro Developer, MyThemeShop membership, and Gravity Forms Developer). I consider myself pretty good at WordPress security auditing. The usual culprits: Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Bootstrap, Adobe Creative Suite, Node.js, Cloud Hosting, Microsoft SQL Server, Domains/Hosting/DNS/cPanel/WHM(CS), Git...

Why Are Web Sites So Expensive?

The Short Answer

Short-term profits overrule long-term gains. Always.

The Analysis

I have been a contractor for a long time. Let us dissect companies A, B, C and D.

Company A They trusted recommendations from companies eager to sell their product, without using due diligence. They allowed their marketing to control their development process. Marketing is obviously very important to a company, but core functionality trumps micro-redesigns when your customers are unable to checkout. Biggest sin: They did not keep their software updated, which led to fixing bugs that were already fixed by a patch, yet could not be applied because your software was so out of date. This is a waste of time and money. Company B They embraced too many technologies, based on the advice of neophyte developers “who could get it done faster,” while ignoring long-term maintenance and recruiting consequences. Biggest sin: They did not keep their software updated, which made upgrading their corporate image very difficult in terms...

Bootstrap 4 – Grid Only

This situation happens to me all the time. I’m working on a client web site, making updates or content changes, but the site is not responsive and/or wasn’t built with any sort of CSS framework. I also encounter this problem when trying to throw together pages for the WordPress admin. I could do the work manually, but I’ve become spoiled by grids. Bootstrap happens to be my favorite.

If I include the regular Bootstrap distribution, I have the problem of it changing style and typography. That won’t work. I could use a different, grid-only framework, but I have become used to Bootstrap conventions.

To solve this problem, I simply compile the Bootstrap SASS files, including only the grid and responsive utilities modules. To avoid potential conflicts with other CSS, I use a wrapper (in this case, .bootstrap-wrapper). Now, I can simply include the CSS file in the project and use the syntax that I am so...